We help companies deliver exponential value in a fraction of the time


Finding ways to become more efficient or deliver the next digital disruption isn’t enough in today’s world. Companies must do both. At the same time. Better than everyone else.

Achieve breakthrough innovations while relentlessly improving the execution of current business models and serving existing customers



Exploit: incremental and iterative improvements to existing business models that drive operational efficiency and deliver greater value to customers.



Extend: apply existing business models to new customer segments or offer existing customers new products or services.



Explore: radical advances that profoundly alter the basis for competitive differentiation and market value (new customer segments and new business models).

2x2 - revised

Innovation Outpost principles

Reorganize around mission
Drive operational efficiences
Extend and explore
Optimize innovation programs


Outputs → Outcomes


Big bang → Small batches


Feature churn → Minimum Lovable Products


IT as mercenary → IT as missionary


Launch and hope → Validate and pivot


HiPPOs → Get out of the building


Prioritize by business value → By cost of delay