08 Aug
Power Your Perpetual Evolution with FUEL

By Michael Kim, Digital Product Manager and Richard Striedl, Sr. DevOps Architect Lead How might big companies move as quickly as their internet-born competitors? That’s a critical question many large enterprises ask as they try to adapt to the pace of developing lovable products in the digital era. Today’s businesses face...

07 Aug
Amazon Web Services Global Summit Showcases Amazon’s Cloud Leadership

By Tonya Momchev, Software Architect Cloud computing is more than an essential part of Amazon’s revenue growth. For Amazon, the cloud is part of a broader strategy to create an intelligent and continuously evolving cloud-based super platform. This platform, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at its core,...

01 Aug
Baidu Builds an AI Ecosystem

By Saul Delage, VP of Growth Baidu’s July 31 quarterly earnings demonstrate just how diversified that BAT – Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent – have become. These companies are becoming far-flung in their scope, ascending as global powers. While Alibaba and Tencent have attracted most of the attention of...

24 Jul
To Understand Customers, Get Out of the Office

By Ben Hillson, Experience Strategist There are no short cuts to creating lovable products. Businesses are eager to create lovable products and bring those lovable products to market faster than their competitors. The pressure to be first to market often tempts businesses to accelerate product design. And although tools...

20 Jul
Cloud success makes Microsoft a force to be reckoned with

By Saul Delage, VP of Growth Microsoft keeps proving that it’s a leader time and again even if the company doesn’t always get the kind of recognition that the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) businesses do. For example, Microsoft is: Pioneering the use of mixed...

18 Jul
Facebook Goes to War with Snapchat over Augmented Reality

By Jeff Kirk, Founder and VP, Innovation Outpost You know that businesses are getting serious about augmented reality when Facebook launches AR advertising. The world’s largest social network said recently that it will begin to offer AR ads in users’ news feeds. In doing so, Facebook is once again riding Snapchat’s coattails. Snapchat has...

18 Jul
Alibaba and Tencent: Clash of the Global Ecosystems

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems A new article from Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine, “Ma vs. Ma,” offers an intriguing look at the rivalry between Alibaba (led by Jack Ma) and Tencent (whose CEO is Pony Ma). The article validates many points we have been making about Alibaba,...

10 Jul
The Three Main Pillars of Innovation Readiness

By Michael Kim, Digital Product Manager Self-disruption has become a natural state of affairs for organizations big and small. Starbucks has been rethinking its store concept especially overseas. AVIS is testing a “portfolio of bets” to adapt to radical change in the car rental market before that change disrupts AVIS....

26 Jun
Google Bets $550 Million on the BAT Ecosystem

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems On June 18, Google and JD.com announced that Google is investing $550 million in JD.com as part of a strategic partnership. Google thus joins many other businesses attempting to crack the vast China market by forming a partnership with one of China’s major...