22 Feb
The Rise of the Super App in China

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems To succeed in China, Western businesses need to respect the power of the super app. In the United States, businesses assume a customer’s path to purchase covers multiple disconnected touch points, offline and online. In the automotive industry alone, a U.S. shopper visits up...

21 Feb
Beware Cookie-Cutter Design Sprints

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems The design sprint is not a one-size-fits all tool. Design sprints need to be adapted to suit the problem that a product team is trying to solve in context of the customer experience, which may range from a virtual dressing room to an...

20 Feb
Walmart Fights a Bloody War against Amazon

By Saul Delage, VP of Growth Amazon and Walmart are like the Hatfields and McCoys, locked in a bitter feud to win the war for retail. Walmart has countered Amazon’s explosive growth by bolstering its own online offerings and integrating digital with its vast network of offline stores. So...

23 Jan
The Case for Digital Change Agents

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems Behind product breakthroughs such as the IKEA Place augmented reality app are people who are willing to push their companies to innovate, such as Torbjörn Lööf, who is head of IKEA’s innovation unit Inter Ikea. Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis calls people like...

18 Jan
Introducing “Creating a Voice-Based Product with a Design Sprint”

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems It’s hard to believe that not long ago some analysts were asking whether the world was really ready for voice-based products. No one is asking anymore. The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) might as well be called the Consumer Voice Show. One of...

17 Jan
Virtual Reality Needs Human-Centered Design, Not Killer Apps

By Amish Desai, Head of Experiences Virtual reality (VR) didn’t exactly overwhelm CES 2018. While voice-based products such as Amazon Alexa flexed their muscles in cars, homes, and everywhere in between, VR demonstrations struggled to demonstrate their value outside gimmicky experiences and games, thus reinforcing a popular perception...

12 Jan
CES 2018 Showcases Amazon’s Super Platform

By Jeff Kirk, Founder and VP, Innovation Outpost The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show strengthens our conviction that Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is more than a phenomenally successful product. Alexa is a crucial element of an Amazon super platform, built on Amazon Web Services, which is fueling Amazon’s push...

09 Jan
Augmented Reality Generates Early Automotive Buzz at CES 2018

By Saul Delage, VP of Growth Augmented reality (AR) was already one of the major stories of the 2018 CES even before the show began. Days ago, Investor’s Business Daily reported that the augmented reality marketplace at CES had expanded to a record 10,900 square feet, an...

19 Dec
Tim Cook Loves Augmented Reality –So Apple Loves Shazam

By Saul Delage, VP of Growth What do you get this holiday season for the CEO who has everything? How about a new company? On December 11, Apple created a flurry of headlines and commentary when news broke about the company’s intention to buy Shazam. Most...

15 Dec
Why Businesses Need Ecosystems to Grow or Die

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems Being part of an ecosystem is essential for businesses to innovate. The emergence of ecosystems has changed the game for brands in terms of establishing alliances, understanding sector boundaries, and redefining business models. Now more than ever I believe companies need to understand...