23 Jun
Why the Product Manager is the Collaborator in Chief

By Michael Kim, Digital Product Manager How should companies define the role of the product manager? At a time when businesses compete through rapid product innovation, this question is important – and often debated, including here at Moonshot. A recently published article by McKinsey & Co, “Product Managers...

06 Jun
Overcoming the 8 Persistent Myths of DevOps Development

By Jeff Kirk, Founder and VP, Innovation Outpost DevOps software development practices continue to take hold as a preferred approach to develop products more effectively. Gartner estimates that half of all enterprises use DevOps. According to research firm Technavio, the global DevOps platform market will achieve 19...

05 Jun
Where Is Apple Going with Augmented Reality?

By Jeff Kirk, Founder and VP, Innovation Outpost Apple is making a move into augmented reality, but not in a way you might think. Tim Cook has made no secret of his designs on AR. In a July 2016 earnings conference call, he told investors, "We are high...

30 May
How Lean Innovation Creates Product Fit

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products If the only thing more expensive than good design is bad design, then the only thing more heartbreaking than bad design is design that fails to achieve the right market fit. Many businesses have improved the process of designing customer-centric products...

15 May
How to Encourage Collaborative Design — the Spotify Way

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products One of the ways I can tell whether a design team is set up for success is by observing how well the team collaborates. I observe the physical workspace for signs of good collaboration. For instance, if everyone on the...

11 May
Amazon Alexa Emerges as the Next Super Platform

By Jeff Kirk, Founder and VP, Innovation Outpost Amazon founder Jeff Bezos noted when it comes to technology and artificial intelligence, “We’re on the edge of the golden era.”  With that in mind, Amazon continues to leverage their “super powers” in the technology assets that the company...

09 May
How Consumers in China Are Creating an Omnichannel Future

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products WeChat, QR codes, and touch displays: they’re all an essential part of the consumer's omnichannel experience in China, the world’s largest retail market. Recently while on a business trip to China, I had a chance to witness firsthand how consumers...

27 Apr
Overcoming 5 Common Pitfalls of Design Sprints

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products Over the past few years, Google Ventures has popularized the use of the design sprint to reduce the risk of developing new products. With design sprints, development teams create and test product prototypes within a five-day time frame. The accelerated...

facebook f8 conference 2017
25 Apr
Facebook Isn’t Playing Games with Augmented Reality

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg intends to make augmented reality much more than an app for playing games and creating fun selfies. At the April 18-19 Facebook F8 developers conference, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is making a major push into AR,...

20 Apr
Who Is Your Minimum Lovable Product Champion?

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products Champions of the minimum lovable product have a reason to celebrate with the publication of Lovability by Brian de Haaff, CEO of Aha! As Brian discusses in a recent post, Lovability celebrates the MLP mindset, in which product development teams...