27 Apr
Overcoming 5 Common Pitfalls of Design Sprints

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products Over the past few years, Google Ventures has popularized the use of the design sprint to reduce the risk of developing new products. With design sprints, development teams create and test product prototypes within a five-day time frame. The accelerated...

facebook f8 conference 2017
25 Apr
Facebook Isn’t Playing Games with Augmented Reality

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg intends to make augmented reality much more than an app for playing games and creating fun selfies. At the April 18-19 Facebook F8 developers conference, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is making a major push into AR,...

20 Apr
Who Is Your Minimum Lovable Product Champion?

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products Champions of the minimum lovable product have a reason to celebrate with the publication of Lovability by Brian de Haaff, CEO of Aha! As Brian discusses in a recent post, Lovability celebrates the MLP mindset, in which product development teams...

18 Apr
Design Thinking for the C Suite

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products As corporate innovation enjoys a resurgence of research among mainstream media and consultants, I'm seeing design thinking receive more attention beyond industry practitioners who focus on product development. A good case in point is the publication of Jeremiah Owyang’s new...

10 Apr
Are You Doing Design Thinking Right? Ask These Four Questions to Find the Answer

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products Design thinking, when done right, results in the launch of successful products that delight their customers. As Jeremiah Owyang, founder of Crowd Companies, discussed in a recent post, design thinking encourages exploration of unconventional solutions that lead to innovation. But...

design thinking lean innovation
29 Mar
Design Thinking Needs Implementation to Succeed

By Mike Edmonds, VP Digital Products With the rapid pace of digital change forcing brands to move products to market at breakneck speed, businesses require a process for the continuous generation of ideas -- one rooted in customer empathy and focused on addressing customer jobs to...

22 Mar
IBM Amplify Confirms Cognitive Era is Upon Us

Artificial Intelligence Flexes Its Muscle at IBM Amplify by Saul Delage, VP Growth IBM's Watson artificial intelligence-based computer took center stage at IBM's Amplify conference March 20-22. Watson, which employs forms of AI such as natural language processing, has been generating a steady stream of PR for...

Minimum Lovable Product
14 Feb
The Minimum Lovable Product: Launch Products with Customers, Not at Them

Executives who have been in product development long enough probably have heard of the minimum viable product (MVP) and might even have incorporated the concept into their work. In recent years, businesses have embraced the MVP to accelerate product development. The MVP has served its...

Innovation Outpost-as-a-Service
18 Apr
The Innovation Outpost-as-a-Service

What is an Innovation Outpost?  Innovation is the source of competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. But what does that word really mean? Innovation isn’t only about exploring new business models based on the next disruptive technology. It's about finding more efficient ways to execute the current business...

06 Jan
Innovation via DevOps

There's a lot of talk about DevOps these days. As with most buzzwords, it can be difficult to identify the signal through the noise when discussing what DevOps is all about. This post helps do just that by addressing the following: What is DevOps? Why...