19 Jun
Want to understand your customers better? Get them talking to you

By Raika Sarkett, Senior Experience Design 3 Reasons to embrace voice to unlock richer customer insights Here’s the truth: your customers’ expectations and wants are rapidly changing. How do you keep up? Talk and collaborate with them. Traditional thinking would say you can’t talk to every single customer. That’s no longer the...

14 Jun
Why Alibaba’s Luxury Aspirations Matter to All Retailers in China

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems A recently conducted survey by Frost & Sullivan finds that only two out of 10 U.S. and foreign retailers believe they are penetrating the world’s largest retail market: China. According to the survey, “Over 80 percent of surveyed U.S. and foreign retailers see China as a lucrative...

08 Jun
Microsoft Purchase of GitHub Underscores why Containers Matter

By Richard Striedl, Sr. DevOps Architect Lead Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub is a landmark acquisition that signals CEO Satya Nadella really means what he says when commenting on Microsoft’s strategy: “Our business strategy is to have an open platform and an open community . . . ”....

07 Jun
Is the IKEA Place Augmented Reality App a Success?

By Saul Delage, VP of Growth When IKEA launched the augmented reality (AR) Place app in September 2017, many journalists and AR practitioners, including Moonshot, responded enthusiastically. Here was an app that demonstrated AR’s potential to create lovable experiences by solving practical problems – in the case...

05 Jun
Apple Makes Augmented Reality More Real at WWDC

By Jeff Kirk, Founder and VP, Innovation Outpost Apple fans keep waiting for Apple to launch an augmented reality (AR) big bang, which will likely arrive in the future in the form of a new device category, combined with Apple's ARKit powered software. But as its 2018 Worldwide...

04 Jun
Voice Is at an Inflection Point

By Raika Sarkett, Senior Experience Design Mary Meeker, venture capitalist of Kleiner Perkins, dropped her Internet Trends 2018 report (a comprehensive snapshot of digital trends shaping how we live and work) last week. The nearly 300-page report is one of the most widely read of the year. This year’s report...

04 Jun
China Stars in Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems Understanding China is crucial to understanding the future of online and offline commerce. That’s one of the major take-aways of the Internet Trends 2018 report released May 30 by venture capitalist Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins. The report is one of the most highly...

29 May
Who Drives the Experience in a Modern Company?

By Amish Desai, Head of Experiences People buy experiences, not products. This was the rallying cry of the recently conducted Adobe Summit 2018. As Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said, “Consumers are seeking phenomenal experiences,” and successful companies know that “experiences rise above everything else.” But how does a...

22 May
The 10 Elements of a Product Dream Team

By Mike Edmonds, VP Ecosystems What are the elements of a product dream team? That’s one of the questions I’m going to help answer May 24 at a panel discussion, “How to Build Your Product Dream Team,” hosted by General Assembly and the Chicago Product Management Association. The idea of a dream team...